Saturday, October 11, 2008

What I've been up to

I kinda feel like during my three days working in Colorado, I've been in more or less every lower-level position available on the campaign. I arrived in the Adams County office on Thursday morning, and once they determined exactly where they were sending me (Aurora), I was put to work at the front desk. Working the front desk at the office was described to me as "pretending like you know what's going on". Mostly, I sold bumper stickers and yard signs, and gave directions to the office for those who wanted to buy bumper stickers and yard signs.

Later in the afternoon, I was dispatched to Aurora. I've been told it's a rougher part of Denver, but it seemed perfectly fine to me. Once there, I immediately started working on phone banking. I don't remember what I tallied that day, but it was a lot of phone calls.

The next day, they actually put me to work doing somewhat higher-level activities. Among other things, I wrote up and designed a couple pieces of volunteer-literature. My main accomplishment was getting a tally sheet that used to be a full-page document down to a half-page, including adding a new section. In retrospect, I wonder if I should've made it a portrait half-page instead of landscape, but my FO seemed pleased enough with the work. Then, I went scouting for locations for staging locations for volunteers on Election Day. The community center I was specifically asked to check out was run by the city, so they didn't want to be seen sponsoring a political candidate. I did manage to find a Moose Lodge. Given Governor Palin's penchant for shooting moose, maybe they'd be open to letting us work out of there, but the person who could've given a thumbs up wasn't around.

On Friday night, I moved up to Boulder with Albert, and so on Saturday morning I reported to the Broomfield County office. They put me to work canvassing, where I knocked on almost 200 doors for the day. Then did some phone banking. So, you know, that was tiring. Today, more canvassing (120 doors), then a Get Out The Vote orientation. That one was mainly about what the command structure is going to look like for the final weekend. The thing is, though, because I'm an out of state volunteer, and had only been with my group for 2 days, they didn't have anywhere to put me (yet). It looks like I'm just going to be a floater, and they'll plug me in where there's holes.

So that's my first four days on the campaign. Tomorrow is my first weekday at the Broomfield office, so we'll see how different that'll be.

And, on a completely unrelated note, the coolest unicode character ever: ☃. Feel free to increase the font size as necessary.

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