Friday, October 10, 2008

The Rest of the Trip

I'm taking a break before the big calling period starts, so I should probably write up the rest of the drive before it gets too cold in my memory. After leaving Lovelock, I drove some more. I listened to the debate on the radio, not making it anywhere near SLC. This was an interesting experience, as I was in some of the least populated parts of Nevada. Talking with my mom on the phone, she said the population density was around 0.7 people per square mile. When I heard that, I couldn't really believe it. It seemed too high. But anyways, even the AM stations around there weren't terribly close, so whenever I went around a large-ish piece of geography, I had to hit the SCAN button to find another station. And there are lots of large-ish pieces of geography around there.

By the end of the debate, I had made it into Elko, NV, where I had been in touch with the office, and they had arranged housing for me. Before going to my housing, though, I stayed for a bit and did some phone banking, trying to get supporters down to the office to help volunteer. Then, I went to Madeline and Mike's house. They were a very friendly retired couple who had offered their house to wayward Obama volunteers. That night, we watched some TV, then went to bed. In the morning, Madeline made a very tasty pancake breakfast, and I was on my way.

That day was more driving. Lots of it. It's days like those two that one realizes just how big our country is. I spent some time listening to music, and some to conservative talk radio. Really, any talk radio I could pick up, but invariably this proved to be conservative radio. (Speaking of "any radio I could pick up", I managed to get stations from as far as Winnipeg and Chicago while I was in south-central Wyoming). I heard pundits outright state that they thought Obama was a terrorist! Fortunately, a lot of these pundits also seemed generally negative on McCain's performance in the debate. So, you know, if they other side says that they think they lost, that's a good sign for us, yeah?

I finally got into my friend Sarah's apartment around 11:30 that night, went to sleep, and then went to work at the office the next morning. More details on the work I've been doing in the next post.

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