Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Mythical McCain Volunteer

First off, I saw Joe Biden today, and shook the man's hand! So cool! I'm glad I'm in Colorado, where they actually need to woo voters. (Pictures to be added later... if there's a picture here now, it was added after the original post).

I'm not sure there is such a thing as a volunteer for John McCain. I mean, in principle I know they ought to exist. I've just never seen one. There's a bunch of media outlets who have more or less noted the same thing, although I'm too tired to find any relevant links. I mean, clearly there are people working for John McCain, I just haven't seen anybody who does it for free. Actually, before today I'd never really seen anybody working for McCain at all (with the exception of Sarah Palin and Rebecca P-Fotenhauer(?), whom Jon Stewart shows clips of every once in a while).

I was out canvassing this morning, and I ran across a guy with a clipboard and a "Sportsmen for McCain" sticker. Afraid of a confrontation, I approached cautiously, and quickly determined that he was, in fact, canvassing for McCain. Being the curious guy I am, I asked him why he liked McCain. His response: "Oh, I haven't made up my mind yet who I'm voting for, but they pay me $10 an hour. How much do you get paid?" I think I stifled the laugh at that one. Thanks to the social networking services affiliated with the campaign, my expenses here have been fairly minimal (with the exception of various car trouble, but that probaly would've come up even if I hadn't been out here), but I'm here because I think it's important for me to be here, not because it's at all a reasonable money making enterprise. (My status message for some time has been: My friend: "I don't stay at work until they close". Me: "That's because they pay you" ).

And then I realized, hey, I'm out here to see if I can quickly convert undecided voters. And this guy, despite working for the Honorable Opposition, was an undecided voter. So I did what I could do to quickly sway his opinions, but then let him go on canvassing people in the same apartment complex.

So anyways... Has anyone actually seen someone working for McCain simply because they really think he's the right candidate? I'm still waiting.

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