Tuesday, October 7, 2008

On the road (and other problems)

I'm writing this post from the Pizza Factory, in Lovelock, NV.

I spent my last night in the Bay Area hanging out at Stanford, with my high school friends LeAnn and Vivek, and of course my girlfriend Joy. Good times were had all around, and we ended up going to some late night cafe thing on campus. Joy and I both ended up ordering Boba, and at the end, we had two giant boba straws, and started playing aound with them. Joy shot a boba ball into my mouth. Then, either Joy or LeAnn (I don't remember) tried to do a straw walrus. I decided she couldn't do it well, took the straws from her, and did it myself. Me and my big mouth.

I left Sford around 7:30 this morning and hit the road, heading on I80 going east. And drove. I stopped for gas. And then drove some more. Then, disaster struck. I hear this odd vibrating noise in the right side of my car. "Okay, that's a little weird... I wonder what that is." Then it got louder. And my car starting pulling to one side. I pull over to the side of the road, about here, looked at the mess that was my front tire, and called AAA. It was kind of odd trying to explain where I was. I actually wasn't paying attention to where I was until all this happened, so I had no idea what exit number I was at, and couldn't see any mile markers. The GPS told me I was in Fernley, but wasn't much help beyond that. Eventually, I ended up telling the operator what I could see, and they eventually figured out where I was, and dispatched a truck. He helped me put on my spare, and suggested I go to Lovelock (some 55 miles down the road) to actually get my tires replaced. So, here I am. I've got my front two tires replaced, and advice for further repairs (apparently my front right half-shaft needs replacing. Whatever that means).

Well, my calzone's all done now, and I should probably get back onto the road. I doubt if I'll make Salt Lake City in time to watch the debates, but there's always radio.

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