Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Safely Home!

To everyone I met on my travels: Thanks so much for your kindness,
your sleeping surfaces, and most of all your company! These last 9
weeks of my life have been so much fun for me, as well as a great
lesson that you can meet wonderful people no matter where you go.
Sometimes, of a group of you that I've met, I only got one person's
contact information... please feel free to put me in contact with
others that we met, or at least forward this message of thanks along.
I haven't had a chance to friend all of you on facebook yet, but never
fear, I will (as soon as I've gotten a good night's sleep in my own,
comfy bed). If any of you ever come out to California, I'd be happy
to let you stay with me.

For those of you whom I haven't told, I kept up a blog of my trip at
pcombsforchange.blogspot.com. The European leg of my trip was
somewhat sparsely updated, but I intend to go back and write up as
detailed a story as I can remember, as well as post more pictures for
the whole trip.

Again, thanks so much!

Peter Combs

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