Saturday, May 9, 2009

Places I've been since posting last

I only have half an hour on this computer, so rather than writing a complete blog post, I'll just give a quick summary of places I've been:
* The island of Mykonos (I have waltzed on a pier)
* Patras, Greece
* A ferry (I made friends with 3 Aussies and 2 Americans)
* Ancona, Italy
* Milan, Italy
* A sleeper train
* Barcelona
* A 186 mph train in Spain
* Madrid


  1. your trip around the mediterranean, you appear to have skipped France. Oh, and Albania, Montenegro, Croatia, and Slovenia.

  2. ...and Israel, and I'll be skipping Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya as well. It seems to be almost impossible to do it all in the 9 weeks that I had, and certainly to get any kind of reasonable coverage.