Friday, April 3, 2009

Some thoughts

* First off, looks like I won't be going to Wadi Rum. It was going to be a little bit too pricey an affair. So straight on to Petra tomorrow. It seems that there are considerable savings to be had a) in groups, and b) with advanced planning, so there's the disadvantage of this way of going about things. Perhaps next time I'm in the area (and there probably will be a next time), in Sha' Allah.

* Aqaba, at least, feels like a cleaner, prettier Egypt. Many of the same styles of architecture that you'll see around, the people are more or less the same (but not quite as tackily dressed), but there just isn't as much trashh lying around in conspicuous piles on the street, and you don't have to play what Sundae has termed "Life Frogger" to cross in front of cars. Now, to be fair, Aqaba is Jordan's only port, and so I think it's sort of like their resort town. You also end up paying a lot more for things here than in Egypt. My hotel room was 17 J.D., which is almost 25 USD, whereas I could get a similar room in egypt for maybe 15 USD (70 L.E.)

* I tempted fate. Last night, I was saying that I've been amazed that, so far, I haven't had any digestive troubles. Whoops. Hopefully the immodium will help. Nothing too bad, though.

* The beach was awesome. Nothing too special on the shore, just fine-gravelly sand. But once you get into the water, maybe 30 feet from shore you start seeing the most amazing fish, coral, urchins, what have you. Really, quite incredible. Unfortunately, it was a bit windy, so whenever I was on the surface, I got a little chilly. The water itself was a bit cool, but fine once you got used to it.

There were more, I'm sure, but I forgot them before I could get to something to write with.

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  1. Tempting fate? Well, at least you're not going home the next day to a New Year's Eve party...