Saturday, April 4, 2009

Princetonian Peter, Polish Piotr partner, peruse Petra

Petra is absolutely incredible. Neither pictures nor words will do it justice.

I did meet a guy on the bus, though, who I ended up splitting a hotel room with. His name is Piotr, which was just too funny to pass up.

Also: I may end up going to Wadi Rum after all. My hotel organizes a trip for 45 J.D., which while not cheap, is at least relatively affordable.

Okay, this keyboard sucks, so I'm going to sign off now.


  1. Even if they don't do it justice, pictures (with captions) would be neat!

    Also, the word verification for this comment was "rumplou" which sounds funny.

  2. I think I'll spend some time once I get into Europe posting pictures. The internet in the middle east is SLOOW. As much as I'd like to use my precious internet cafe time uploading pictures at around 45 seconds each, I think I'll wait.